Latchmere Productions presents : Richie Davis and Friends

Where the magic happens…..

It’s the time of year where there are events galore.  It would be surprising right now, if you were ‘all dressed up with nowhere to go’ (look at my writer’s page, if in doubt).

When I received the invitation that Richie Davis would be having a show courtesy of Latchmere Productions and hosted by the lively and vivacious Lady TLC of TLC Global Media, I was very curious.  Sadly, I confess I am one of those people who never saw him perform in the past, or heard enough of his music to appreciate it.  I am a ‘ Johnny-come-lately’ and it will take the rest of my lifetime to even begin to expand my knowledge.  I found myself really looking forward to the show.

The venue was very easy to find, a little smaller than I thought it would be; however, J Abdul and his team made sure the tables were tastefully decorated and inviting.  I liked the fact that his team/staff were easily identifiable: they all had the same t-shirts on with the company logo.  Professional from the get go!  A considerate touch was 2 rows of chairs at the back for those who had bought “show and dance” tickets.   Nice chairs too,

Se Se Foster gave a stunning performannce

There was plenty of time to mingle and catch up with artists and musicians alike.  I had a good catch-up with the members of The King Rebel band, made up of musicians of a high calibre. By way of a warm up, veteran comedian Curtis Walker took to the stage and eventually had us all laughing despite facing a very tough and unyielding crowd.  There were even a few hecklers! Being the true professional he is, Curtis soldiered on.

We then came to the main part of the show.  Se Se Foster kicked it off with a stunning performance that made me think of her as a major player on the music circuit.  There was growth, maturity, fire, hunger and that young sexiness that is not so easy to portray.  Yet she did it with style and held the attention of the audience throughout her performance.  By the time she finished we were more than ready for the next artist, the sultry and all natural woman Chardel Rhoden.  Oh how she made me glad I was a woman! She almost stole the show. She sang, danced, swayed, posed and revelled in her womanhood – voice on point too! Chardel it’s time to have your own show, holler at me when you are ready (smile)!

Chardel Rhoden nearly stole the show

Which set us up nicely for the main man: Richie Davis – the reggae man, with the soul voice! Having been away from the limelight for a long time, he showed no signs of nervousness, rather excitement at seeing the appreciation and anticipation of his audience. He blessed us with song after song from his vast catalogue past and present.  My blog would have ended round about here, had it not been for the presence of International Star Luciano who joined Richie up front as bold as you please, causing us to cheer and clap wildly.  Of course I had to get my picture with him, he humbly obliged.  I had a fine time all in all!

The man of the hour : Richie Davis

I close my blog with a moan.  Not at J Abdul and his team, who I believe made a great effort to put on a special show.  Not even at the caterers who ran out of fish.  My moan is directed at us the paying public.  I am always baffled at how we happily purchase sometimes expensive tickets, to dress up and attend a dinner, show and dance.  Yet we (in general) decide to be extremely late.  We moan about the venue, the food, the fact that we have to pay for any extra drinks.  We fail to realise that our unpunctuality has a knock-on effect and then moan because the show has started late. Isn’t it time we show our appreciation and thanks for promoters like J Abdul and others, who are ready to take on such a vast project in order for us to be entertained? 

The Great Luciano and I

I say to all involved a very well done and to those who attended I hope you found the evening as enjoyable as I did.  To those that complained, showed tardiness by being very late and little appreciation for the fact that there are shows like these to go to?  Remember : as much as you expect a good evening, the promoter expects a little respect and appreciation by how you behave.

Consciouslee loves music.

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